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Planning on some fun electric bike riding this summer? Read these tips first!

Planning on some fun electric bike riding this summer? Read these tips first!

Summer might not be here just yet, but warmer weather marks the unofficial start of summer in the US – and thus a great time to soak up some vitamin D on an electric trike.

With more locations accessible by e-bike than ever before, these tips can help you have a great time out there this summer.

Picking the Right E-Trike

Choosing an appropriate electric bike is critical to having the safest, most comfortable, and enjoyable experience.

Different styles of etrikes are geared for different types of riders. 

The Sun Traditional 24" adult tricycle is an economical choice for recreational trike riders. Electric fat tire are likely a better option for those that spend more time on trails or riding in sandy or deep soil conditions, but can be very versatile as well. Our electric recumbent trikes come in shapes and sizes, perfect for major comfort and cruising on or off-roads. It's also worth noting that the low placement fo recumbents make them more accessible for individuals with mobility issues and people using wheelchairs.

The electric Fat-Tad recumbent trike is a compact and powerful trike with 1000 watts of power.

There are many options, it's just a matter of finding comfort and what you're looking to get out of your etrike rides! Need help deciding? Give us a call at 800.375.0224 or email us at

In the meantime, here are a few tips to consider:

Start Out Slow

If this is your first electric trike (or especially if this is your first time back in the saddle in years), spend some time practicing before you hit the crowded bike lanes or trails.

An empty parking lot, open field or even a cul-de-sac is a great place to get your cycling legs back and practice controlling your new etrike.

Our electric trikes have hand throttles that allow riders to power them like a moped and a pedal-assist sensor (PAS) that simply provides power when the rider pedals.

Get to know your etrike and become comfortable with its controls before you start riding in more crowded environments.

Be Prepared by Packing the Essentials

Studies have shown that riders on electric bikes typically ride farther and stay out longer than riders on pedal-only bikes or trikes.

That you means you’ll want be prepared by packing any necessary items you’ll need for longer rides. That could be water, sunscreen, a first aid kit or anything else that you might need along the way.

Make sure to pack the necessities and calculate how long you will be out. Storage is key - and luckily Electric Trikes offer a rear basket for storing all these necessities. There are a lot of factors to consider when packing and planning for your adventure – remember that your battery life will be affected by cargo weight. Make sure you have a full battery before embarking on a long day's ride!

Check your Tires Early and Often

If you asked what the single most important safety component of an etrike is (or any bike for that matter), you might think brakes. We'd say the tires.

They’re the most critical part of the bicycle that affects its stability at every moment you’re on it – both on casual straightaways and in hard, fast turns.

They’re the only thing keeping you up and they’re your only point of contact with the road. Good brakes mean nothing if your tires can’t translate that braking force to the ground.

Equally important is ensuring your tires haven’t picked up any sharp bits of debris along your rides. Small objects can become embedded in tires, especially in the deep treads, and then work their way deeper over time. Getting a flat doesn’t just ruin your ride, it can be dangerous at the wrong moment.

Lastly, just because we mention the importance of tires, that doesn’t mean neglect my other safety equipment. Giving your brakes a quick test each time you hop on and before you get rolling is a good idea.

Maintaining lights, mirrors, a safety flag, and other safety equipment is also paramount.

Enjoy Some Fun (and Safe) Rides this Summer!

No matter what type of etrike you ride or where your favorite stomping grounds are, these tips can help you have more fun and ride safer this summer.

As more people join the growing electric trike community and experience the fun and utility that electric trikes have to offer, it is more important than ever to do our part in ensuring that we’re all responsible riders.

What tips would you add for enjoying your rides this summer? Let’s hear them in the comment section below!

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