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How Your E-Trike can Keep You Riding all Fall

How Your E-Trike can Keep You Riding all Fall


There are plenty of things to love about fall: cooling temperatures, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice in just about everything...

Taking your electric trike out in crisp autumn weather may or may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer winding down, but there’s no reason you shouldn't add that to your list too, especially when you have an etrike.

With an electric trike, you get to go farther to see more fall colors. You can rely on its impressive weight capacity to carry home more apples from the orchard, without hampering your ride. Add our Sunlite Gripelite Headlight/Tail Light Combo Set, along with a safety flag, and you'll be ready for when those shorter days yield earlier sunsets. 

Even though your friends may be putting their traditional bikes away until spring, you'll never have to worry about what you might be missing on the trail. 

Here are a few ways you can make those fall rides even better:

1. Pick the right clothes.

Fall fashion is all about bundling and layers. You get to wear cool scarves, slip on some boots, and finally rock that flannel without feeling like you're at a peak-grunge era Pearl Jam show.  

When it comes to fall biking, it’s the same idea: stay dry, stay warm, stay comfortable. 

Take care of the basics. Get a pair of decent gloves to keep your fingers from freezing during early morning rides. Add a thermal liner under your helmet. Ear warmers can be a lifesaver if it's later in the season.

Preparing for fall also means fending off wetter weather. Try a jacket with Velcro cuffs to keep a watertight seal around your wrists. Rain pants are key too, and a top-tip here is to go oversized so that when you pedal, the pants don't lift over the opening in your shoe and dump water down your ankles. Don’t go too baggy, though, as you could risk getting fabric caught in the drivetrain. 

2. Guard your tires.

Colorful foliage looks gorgeous on trees, but less so when it’s caught in your spokes.

Riding through leaves and mud puddles can ruin your ride by making a mess of your bike, especially if any of that gunk splashes up into your wheels. They also cause hazards by covering up potholes, drains, rocks, or any other object protruding from the ground. Even if they appear dry on the surface, the ones underneath on the ground are likely wet, which will quickly cause traction issues. 

Take care of your e-trike (and your shoes, pants, etc.) by installing front and rear fenders before the rainy season picks up—if you're on a recumbent. It's also a good idea to to keep an eye on tire pressure. As the temperature drops outside, so does your PSI- especially if your bike's stored on cold concrete.. 

3. Keep it light.

Misty October mornings are beautiful. They’re perfect for waking up a little early and holding a mug with two hands.

While the hazy mornings and early dusks can be whimsical, reduced visibility also means that proper lighting is critical. It’s about more than just being able to see on your ride -- it’s about being seen on your ride. Especially by cars.

Use your headlight and taillight, but also make sure you check that they’re clean, functional, visible, and secure before each ride.

Take extra precautions by wearing bright, reflective clothing too.

4. Maintain your chain.

The chain is one of the main parts of your bike that can be affected by the season. In the fall, it has a tendency to dry out much faster than in the summer, so make sure you keep it well lubricated.

Luckily, our etrikes don’t require any specific type of lube. You can get away with a standard lubricant, but if you’re in a particularly wet environment, don’t be afraid to go for the heavier stuff. 

If you decide to go it alone, try running your chain through a rag or an old T-shirt to soak up any excess after the application. If you leave on too much, you’ll hear it when you pedal. If you apply too little, you’ll also hear it. The less noise, the better.

5. Customize for the perfect ride.

When you're stocking up on Halloween candy or other supplies for the perfect fall, something as small as the rear basket can make a big difference. Our Electric Fat Trikes and Electric 24" Traditional, and Electric Step-Through offer spacious rear baskets for hauling goods around.

An Electric Trike can make the perfect ride for all of your important autumn errands when you take advantage of our full lineup of accessories -- including the front basket, safety flag, a memory foam seat cover, pedal extenders, a kickstand—you name it!

Plus, when the weather does start to warm up again, you'll have everything you need to get your spring and summer started off right

Ready to go all-in this fall? We offer an awesome lineup catered to many different riding needs. Check it out for yourself and read some reviews too!

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