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Here’s the #1 thing we love about electric trikes… you can ride just about any hill, paved path, road, or bike trail because you have the power of the motor behind you! And long-distance riding is certainly easier. 

A blue, electric step-through trike has a powerful mid-drive motor with torque sensing pedal assist and throttle.

Yet, you might still prefer to stay on paved trails. Not only do asphalt and concrete bike trails give you a smooth ride, but they also allow you to see more and adventure further. However, finding the best paved roads for electric trike-riding is time-consuming and requires digging through article after article. 

So, to make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to ride your Electric Trike in the USA… and they’re all paved trails! Whether you live in these states or not, it's a great excuse to pack up and take a road trip with your etrike to soak in some nature this summer! 

Without further ado... 

1. Shining Sea Bikeway (Massachusetts)

This amazing rail-trail bike path is perfect for starting to explore while riding your Electric Trike long distances. But it’s also totally worth it. 

You’ll ride wooded areas, through a saltwater marsh, past beautiful rivers, and get a scenic view on the section of Cape Cod seaside. If starting in Falmouth, you’ll end your ride overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with the opportunity to take a swim or relax on the beach.

We’ve listed this as one of the best places to ride electric bikes in the USA because it was named after the “America the Beautiful” song lyrics…. and because it includes some of the most diverse terrains you’ll see on a 10-mile bike ride.

Looking for an easier ride into Woods Hole? Start on the Shining Sea Bikeway at Falmouth Village, about 4 miles north of Woods Hole Village. Along the way, you’ll be treated to a scenic tour of Nobska Light and sandy beaches along Vineyard Sound.

The Shining Sea Bikeway in Massachusetts


Aside from the beautiful scenery, there are some really cool amenities along the way. We foundCoconut Hut, >a snack shack sitting in a hidden location between the trail and Carlson Lane. It doesn’t have much in the way of food, but you can grab some fresh coconut water, organic ice cream, fruit sorbet, and other refreshments. They also sell crackers, hummus, guacamole, and flatbread if you’re hungry. There are many other pit stops you can make along the way (or nearby).

Paved Trailhead

Start at the Falmouth Depot Road trailhead near Pine Street for the easiest parking (and to enjoy the best scenic reward once you reach your destination). The Woods Hole trailhead can be quite congested.

2. Provo River Parkway (Utah)

“Parkway” is a perfect name for this 15-mile bike trail, as it winds from Utah State Park to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. Plus, there are a few other parks along the way!

With a gradual incline, this multi-use trail is mostly flat with just a few steep uphill climbs. Your electric trike can manage this, although going up the hills (in general) may be slower than you’d like. Although you’ll find walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts on the path, it’s plenty wide for all at 8-10 feet throughout.

With water, restrooms, and picnic areas along the way, you’ll be well-taken care of. And the main feature of your trike ride will be a stunning view of Bridal Veil Falls at the northern end!

There are a couple of places where you’ll need to cross a street or ride through a narrow underpass. 


The Provo River Parkway, in Utah.


Plus, this 15-mile path connects to 100+ miles of other paved trails, so you can ride your etrike as far as you’d like. Just keep an eye on your battery charge (and know its range in the first place) so you don’t get stuck in the middle of a long trail without assistance.

Bike Trailhead

Start at Utah Lake State Park or Vivian Park at the Northern end.

3. Trail of the Coeur d’Alene (Idaho)

With 73 miles of paved trail through spectacular mountains and valleys, this is one worth spending a few days traveling over (if applicable).


The trail of the Coeur d’Alene in Idaho.

With lots of places to stop and visit, you’ll get the most out of this adventure by spending a few days in the area and tackling a portion of the bike trail each day! If you do, this will truly be one of the best paved bike trails in the U.S. when it comes to lots to see and do!

If you’re traveling during the warm season, you can stop for a cool dip in the lake at Heyburn State Park. 

And any time of the year keep a lookout for lots of wildlife, including beavers, moose, and perhaps a black bear family. In the historical town of Wallace, you’ll find great food and entertaining attractions.

One more cool fact… this trail is connected to over 3,700 miles of developing rail-trail called the Great American Rail-Trail!

Bike Trailhead

There are many small towns in which you can park and access the trail. Consider starting your eTrike ride in Harrison and continuing on to the end of the route in Plummer (this is a scenic 30 mile round trip ride around and across Lake Coeur d’Alene).

4. Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail (California)

Another one of the best places to ride your electric trike is in one cool Californian city, Monterey. This 18-mile trail down the coast is easy on an electric bike, even if you ride both ways.

You’ll wind along the Pacific Coast on a protected paved rail-trail path with amazing views of the ocean, boats, sea lions, and maybe even otters. And there are plenty of opportunities to stop and take pictures.


The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail in California

 You can even stop for lunch and shopping in Cannery Row or Fisherman’s Wharf, or take a tour of the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Just be sure to securely lock up your electric trike if you leave them unattended!

Bike Trailhead

You can start inland at Castroville or on the south coastal end in Pacific Grove. The rail begins here near Ocean View Boulevard and Jewell Ave. You can probably find street parking with some patience or park in the paid lot.

5. River Mountains Loop Trail (Nevada)

This is a wonderful 35-mile loop trail that’s paved and approximately 12 feet wide. From this bike trail, you’ll get a full view of the River Mountains as you ride around them and might even spot Bighorn Sheep (one of the largest populations lives here).


The River Mountains Loop Trail in Nevada.


You’ll also connect to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Hoover Dam, which is an amazing must-see! There are also several connecting trails to check out, as long as the battery juice can go the distance.

Bike Trailhead

There are many places to start your ride on this loop. If you’d like to start with a big climb (so you won’t have to do it later when you’re tired), park at the Lake Mead Visitor Center and ride clockwise.

6. North Pathway (Wyoming)

You and your electric trike won’t want to miss out on this amazing paved path. As it parallels HWY 89 and Teton Park Road, it’s a stunning way to see the Grand Teton Mountains, numerous wildlife, and even stop for a little fishing at Flat Creek.


The scenic, North Pathway in Wyoming.

Halfway through this completely doable 20 miles (it’s easy on an e-bike at least), you’ll find the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center is a nice respite. Then, once you get to the northern end of the bike trail, you’ll get to the Jenny Lake Visitor Center where you can even connect to the Jenny Lake bike path to ride along the eastern shoreline of the lake.

But the trails still continue… the Jackson Hole Community pathway adds another 27 miles of paved road all the way to Teton Village.

Bike Trailhead

Start at any of the three Visitors Centers, where each provides parking, drinking water, and restrooms. Starting on the southern end is Jackson Hole, then Craig Thomas, and then Jenny Lake Visitor Centers (Grand Teton National Park), respectively.

7. Shark Valley Trail (Florida)

Here’s one trail you might not have heard much about. Located in the Everglades National Park, you can ride your electric trike (as long it’s 750 watts or under) on Shark Valley Tram road around an easy 15-mile loop of wetlands. Your electric trike is 750 watts so it should be good to go! 

Although you won’t have to worry about your safety riding in traffic, you will have the occasional park tram pass you on this fully paved trail. But don’t be deceived by this nice little road. Watch out for alligators and other wildlife on the roads! 

Halfway through your ride, you can stop at the Shark Valley Observation Tower and look over the park for miles.

The Shark Valley Trail, in Florida.

Paved Trailhead  

You can enter the park in your car or park outside it on the Tamiami Trail and ride in. There will be a fee for each bicycle (around $15 each).

8. Chief Ladiga Trail (Alabama)

Ready to bike to the Alabama/Georgia State Line? This 33-mile path should be no problem on your electric trike!


The flat, Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama.

In fact, the trail is a smooth, flat ride through the countryside and small towns, all the way to Georgia where you can pick up the Silver Comet Trail for another 62 miles (okay, you might need to recharge your eTrike battery overnight before continuing, if that's something you decide to do).

This bike path is unique in that it passes through wetlands, open fields, and forests. There’s even a stretch of the trail in which you’re likely to see wildlife such as deer and foxes. Further, there are quiet towns to stop in as well as Jacksonville State University.

Bike Trailhead 

Woodland Park Trailhead off Holly Farms Road.

 9. Paul Bunyan State Trail (Minnesota)

This insanely long paved bike road (119 miles!) is one of the longest rail-trail, multi-use paved bike paths in the USA. 

The Paul Bunyan State Trail in Minnesota.

Naturally, you don’t have to ride its entire length, but you may just want to take a few days on your e-bike to work your way along this inactive 1893 railroad. Since there are towns to stop in for the night every 10 miles or so, this isn’t as hard as it sounds (just make sure you have the accessories you need, especially if your ride takes you into the evening when the sun sets).

This ride will be worth encountering over 30 lakes, rivers, and streams along the way. And wildlife? Yes, absolutely!

Bike Path Trailhead

Start at either Crow Wing State Park or Lake Bemidji State Park on the northern end.

10. Banks-Vernonia State Trail (Oregon)

This paved rail-trail is one of the best trails for families and boasts stunning views over 13 bridges and two huge railroad trestles. It’s one of the best places to ride your electric bike in the USA in the summer! With beautiful weather along for the ride, you’ll get a view of the coast as well as forests, rivers, and creeks.

The Banks-Vernonia State Trail in Oregon.

The path is typically 8 feet wide which runs alongside a horse path, and is generally only a slight incline. However, there is an area of switchbacks that go up 700 feet… but the path is still plenty wide.

Make use of picnic areas and interpretive trails, as well as L.L. Stub Stewart State Park and Campground. Enjoy the shops, town museum, and art galleries of Vernonia!


The city of Banks trailhead has the easiest parking, as well as water and restrooms. It’ll also provide for the longest ride. You’ll find the beginning of the route at NW Banks Road and NW Sellers Road.

Final Thoughts...

Generally speaking, as an etriker, you can ride on almost any public land in different states with the help of your electric trike’s electric motor. 

Frankly, the best trails for electric trikes are those that are paved. Riding on them will offer amazing views of so many places, landscapes, and small towns that you’d never see otherwise, even though you might’ve lived in the U.S. your whole life.

Keep in mind, your electric trike can range anywhere - on average - from 12-44 mph, completely depending on the battery pack and which etrike you're riding on (traditional, recumbent, or fat etrike ). The final range per full charge will ultimately depend on the total load (weight of rider, cargo, input, and terrain). Something to keep in mind as you tackle these longer-distanced paths. Need tips on general etrike care? Click here.

Have you been to any of these trails before? If not, are you planning on it? Don't forget to snap photos of your electric trike adventures - we want to see them!

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