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The Top 10 Benefits of Biking to Work

The Top 10 Benefits of Biking to Work

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Annually, National Bike to Work Day is celebrated on Friday, May 20. Thousands of commuters all get to go to work with a workout in the process. Pretty cool, huh?

Electric trikes/bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular means of commuting to work for many reasons - and generally getting from point A to point B. It’s fast, efficient, good for your wallet, and better for your health.
But, do the benefits outweigh the potential cons?
Our answer is: Yes!
Below you will find why you should bike to work and how beneficial they can be. After reading this blog, we hope you will be more confident in joining the electric trike movement.
1. Saving money
The cost of owning and maintaining a car can be ridiculous sometimes. Between insurance, gas, maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses, owning a car can cost up to $8,500 per year in the US. And we’re not even including the cost of buying the thing in the first place!
The costs of owning and maintaining an electric trike bike are much less than a car. Aside from the initial costs of buying an electric bike, other maintenance such as a flat tire, brake adjustment, or new tube, shouldn't cost much at all. Although electricity prices vary in different places, the battery charge cost for an electric bike would also be far less than the gas cost for a car.
2. Avoiding traffic jams
If you live in an area that is congested during the morning and evening commute times, you won’t have to worry about it when riding your electric trike. Depending on how bad traffic is and how far away from work you are, you might find your commute even faster if you ride a trike bike.
3. No need to find a parking space
This applies to commuters in large cities, many car owners are hard to find places to park. When you bike to work, parking is much less of a problem. Businesses in New York City are required to provide bike storage. There’s also the option of using a strong bike lock to park your bike in a rack or chain it to a pole. 
4. Becoming more productive at work
We all have those days where we wake up tired and groggy and then it follows us to the office. Exercising in the morning increases cognitive agility and attention. It can be as little as 10 minutes of cardio or 30 minutes of aerobics. Biking can be a good start to the day. If you bike to work in the morning, you’ll arrive with a clear mind and become more productive at work.
5. Decreasing stress and anxiety
Some people complain about not having enough time to relax after a day at work. Biking is a good way to release work pent-up tension or stress. Take in the fresh air and enjoy the sights around you. Doing so can lower levels of depression and improve sleep. Plus, you’ll feel more confident and be in a better mood overall.
6. Being fit and losing weight
On average, trike/bike commuters typically lose quite a few pounds in their first year of cycling alone. Bike commuting can be an effective cardiovascular exercise. It's a great way to work out your heart and cycling is easier on the joints than running. That makes it a perfect option for someone who is overweight and out of shape.

7. Having fun
Biking is fun, admit it. The feeling of zooming around the streets, going by corners, and getting the legs working; there’s something exhilarating about it.
Dealing with hills while biking to work is difficult. It may be one of the biggest buzzkills of all. But if you have anelectric bike with some climbing power, hills are a piece of cake, all you need to do is focus on the fun journey.
8. Feeling a sense of freedom

Not to dock those that love riding in cars, but it can get boring behind the wheel. Drivers are just stationary, not moving, 
When you ride your bike to work, you’re active outside and interacting with the rest of the world. You hear the sounds of the city, the suburbs, the smells of the markets, and the sights of life. If you’re the kind who commutes very early, nothing is better than stopping at the beautiful sunrise.

 9. Reducing your carbon footprint
Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly travel tools. According to a report by the ECF, both conventional bikes and electric bikes produce around 22 grams of CO2 per km, while cars produce 271 grams of CO2 per km. Its CO2 emissions are almost 10 times that of a bicycle. 

Do you want to help combat climate change and lower CO2 emissions?
 Buy an electric trike.

10. Joining a new community
Biking to work is not just for financial concerns or being environmentally responsible. It is also a lifestyle choice.
By having an electric trike or bike, you are joining thousands of others who also believe in the benefits of biking, not just to work but everywhere. Cyclists know how to enjoy life to the fullest. This May 20, National Bike to Work Day, is a time to celebrate bicycling and show how great biking is, not just for ourselves but the entire community. Speaking of community, we love our online community. if you're not already, join our
Electric Trike Facebook Owners Group. Ask questions, tell stories, post photos and videos - all of it! It's a great space for like-minded people with similar interests to connect.

Of course, National Bike to Work Day shouldn't be the only day to make biking a big thing. Every day should be bike day. When you're ready to make the leap - if you haven't already - we guarantee it'll be a great journey!

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