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Our Customers Love Their Fat Trike—Here's Why!

Our Customers Love Their Fat Trike—Here's Why!

They're fat (and awesome) for a reason.

You may not have heard the term before, but believe us, you’ll know a fat tire bike when you see one. 

What are the advantages of having larger than normal tires, other than attracting the points and stares of bamboozled strangers? Well, try and ride a regular bike on sand or snow and you’ll find out. Fat bikes certainly have their place and function. The magic of fat bikes lies in the wide tires that run at low pressure and float on snow and sand, unlike a standard bike tire. Plus, fat tires are stable, which can give newer riders more confidence. Thick, soft tires also act like a suspension, absorbing bumps on the road, trail, glacier, or beach. Tack on a third wheel and you've hit trike gold.

Regardless if it's wet stone, muddy paths or snowy hills, these fat tires will take you anywhere.

We recently asked our Electric Trike Owner Group what THEY love the most about their EBT Electric Fat Trike and this is what we got:


Group members reacting to a Facebook posting.


Our Electric Fat Trikes are our best-selling trikes, and for good reason. Whether you're looking to seeking adventure, fun, diversity, comfort, or just want to look extra cool—this is your ride. The fat wheels will get you around easily and basically over any terrain. 

Have a story to tell about your EBT Electric Fat Trike? Email and let us know—we love to hear from you guys!

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