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Health Benefits of Riding an E-Recumbent Trike

Health Benefits of Riding an E-Recumbent Trike

 Physical aging is a fact of life, but we can try to slow it down with a healthy lifestyle. Over a period of time, our metabolism slows down, joints become weak, and activities which we are doing for the long period suddenly begin to exhaust us. The electric recumbent trike is great for exercise. Riding recumbent trikes (adult tricycles) has numerous health benefits...

Recumbent Trike

Recumbent trikes are very beneficial for fitness freaks and people who love to explore the outdoors. It allows riders to sit with full back support on a larger seat which supports our back, shoulder, and buttock. The bike doesn’t provide support and is uncomfortable for the upper body, allowing you to really focus on challenging the lower body and cardiovascular system.


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Health Benefits

Cardiovascular Exercise Opportunity

People new to recumbent trikes are worried whether these trikes can help individuals achieve an effective cardiovascular workout. This might happen if one does not follow the right way of riding the recumbent trike. You can explore the outdoors while performing your exercise on the recumbent trike, allowing you to inhale fresh air and keep you healthy!

Complete Body Workout

As age passes, your bones, muscles, and joints start getting weaker. Riding a recumbent trike is a great way to get a full-body workout that addresses all the main muscles. This can be very helpful to build muscles and strength while reducing your risk of injury or pain. For this reason, a recumbent trike is ideal if you have rheumatoid arthritis. Compared to upright bikes, recumbent-riding could be better. The recumbent trikes distribute your weight over a large surface and due to this, your weight is not concentrated at a single body part. Recumbent triking is also very easy to do, which is why it is recommended for patients with neurological disorders and similar conditions.

Good Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is very crucial. There’s a good reason recumbent trikes have been called recliners on wheels. They are ridiculously comfortable. These trikes maintain your lumbar support and help you to ride long distances.

Strengthening Your Muscles

The recumbent trike puts you in a much different physical position than any other bike. On the other bikes, you are targeting your thighs, lower legs, and glute muscles. On the recumbent trike, you are using the same muscles but in a different position. This allows for a different strengthening-effect. Riding a recumbent trike can be incredibly beneficial.

Burn the Calories

Riding a recumbent bike is an effective, calorie-burning exercise. Pedaling at faster rate or increasing resistance also burns more calories. Burning calories also depend on metabolism and weight. If a 120-pound person cycles for 30 minutes, they will burn 190 calories, while a 180-pound person will burn 286 calories. Up to 60 minutes of the daily ride may be required for weight loss. Still, many other factors are involved such as diet and daily routine. But having a ride can burn calories and help to maintain and reduce the weight. 

Engage the Lower Abdominal Muscles

If the seat is moved closer to the pedals, it decreases the amount of energy required for pedaling, forcing you to engage your lower abdominal muscles. Your thighs and calf muscles are also involved. You can perform other abdominal strengthening exercises to tone your stomach muscles.

Back Pain Relief

Many people have found that cycling can improve their flexibility, strength, back pain, and overall health. When searching for a good trike for bad backs, a recumbent trike is the best option one can go for. These trikes are great for relieving and preventing back pain because of the position they hold your body in. Orthopedic surgeons have indicated  that keeping your back in a relaxed, neutral position while exercising can prevent additional pain. This type of position causes your abdominal muscles to engage without putting additional pressure on the lower back. 


Riding a recumbent trike is not only fun, but it is also beneficial to your health. You get to have your exercise, without unnecessary body pain or awkward positions. You can explore outdoors while performing exercise and improving your health and blood circulation.

On another note, if you want to go for a long ride on the recumbent trike but worried about stamina and endurance, then equip your trike with our E-BikeKit Conversion System for extra power. Visit our website to know more about the conversion of the trike to the electric trike.

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