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A long time coming this site is now live! Nowhere else on the web will you find some of the best tricycles, recumbent trikes and adult upright trikes all available in electric models!

We have been in the business of manufacturing and offering hub motor conversion systems direct to consumers online since 2008 and in 2016 we've taken all of that knowledge and experience and created this site to bring you high quality electric trikes and 3 wheelers available fully assembled and direct to your door.

Here at ElectricTrike.com you'll find tricycles from Sun and Worksman Cycles maiden the USA combined with high quality hub motor electric drive systems from Electric Bike Technologies.

These are great electric trikes from great people doing great work. We're a trusted name in the electric bike industry and you can trust us to deliver your electric tricycle ready to ride and backed by our experience world class customer support team.

Thanks for visiting the site and for browsing the largest online direct offering of electric tricycles and trikes on the net.

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