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Electric 24" Traditional

  • $ 1,473.00

  • The Classic Upright 3-Wheeler
  • 14 mph Top Speed / 10-44 Mile Range*
  • 250 lb Capacity Step-Through Frame

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$250 flat-rate to Contiguous USA Only


The Sun Traditional 24 adult tricycle is a perfect trike for recreational trike riders. Outfitted with the E-Trike Kit drive system with heavy-duty direct-drive motor, speed limited reverse function and 36 volt Li-ion battery pack this is the ultimate full-sized electric upright adult tricycle.

This user-friendly trike uses 24" wheels and a custom frame design to give you an extremely low step-through for easy on/off. Comfortable western style saddle. The best selling 3 wheeler in America.

Now includes rear disc brake upgrade!


Model Weight Range Mount Style Cost
36v 9ah Shrink Wrapped 4.4lbs 10-22 Battery bag with velcro straps Base Cost
36v 10ah Aluminum 7.7lbs 12-26 Sliding plate with lock +$210
36v 20ah Shrink Wrapped 10.6lbs  20-44 Battery bag with velcro straps +$330

Battery Option Overview:

Videos, written instructions and links related to the electrical system and the conversion process that was performed on this tricycle. Specific tasks and additional parts needed to convert this trike in the best possible way.

Conversion Points:

  • For 10ah “black” batteries, drill rear frame tubes (use our drill guide)
    • Insert ¼” riv-nuts into each hole (or M6 riv nuts and regular battery plate screws) - front hole is in the center only - drill that out in the plate. This avoids placing the screw next to the lock
    • File forward battery plate slots an additional 7/16” to fit frame tube spacing. Rear slots do not need adjustment
    • Space basket up off of rear tubes using nylon spacers
    • Use extra basket hardware to sandwich the basket on the spacers
    • Cut hole in basket to remove 5 columns wide and 1 row (only the first row) high. File clean and touch up with vinyl
    • Check that the charger plug still fits
    • Use ¼” x 3/4” button/socket screws to secure battery plate
  • For 9 and 20ah “blue” batteries
    • Use e-bikekit battery bag inside of basket

Kit: ETK DDFH 20””

  • Right and left locking levers
  • McMaster-carr #93669a280 - m6 riv nuts and regular m6 battery plate screws (1 order per 2.5 trikes) - these larger steel nuts work better than the low-profile ¼-20 nuts from Liberty Trike, which tend to break because of the round tubing of the frame
  • McMaster-carr #94639A571 - Nylon Spacers - 5/16”” for ¼” screw - 4x (1 order per 25 trikes)
  • J&B Importers #6702181 - Trike basket hardware
  • Amazon - Vinyl touch-up paint (1 order per ~40 trikes)
  • Assembly notes:
  • Tire pressure: 55psi (higher than you think)
  • Add rear disc brake - J&B #670371


  • Wide wheelbase
  • Comfort “nose-less” seat
  • Low step-through frame
  • Big rear basket

    Tricycle Specifications:

    • JB Part #670199
    • High-tensile steel ultra-low 15.5" step-through frame
    • Lightweight alloy 24" wheels
    • High-rise handlebars
    • Alloy v-brake front handbrake
    • Single-speed gearing
    • Western style saddle with adjustable rear struts
    • Vinyl-coated basket, 21"x15"x9"
    • Outer Dimensions (30.25" Wide x 68" Long)
    • Weight: 49lbs
    • Weight Limit: 250 lbs


      • 1000w peak power
      • HD Direct-Drive Motor
      • 10-20 mile range
      • 36v10ah Li-ion Battery
      • USA hand-built wheel
      • 5-level top speed control


        Watts (Nominal/Peak): 500-1000w
        Top Speed: Approx. 14mph
        Range: 10-20 Miles
        Charge Time: 2.5hrs (0-100%)
        Weight: 24lbs (11kgs)


        Brand: Electric Bike Technologies
        Type: Direct-Drive (gearless)
        Power: 500w nominal / >750w@36v
        Cable: 8" axle exit, 3-phase / 5 hall effect
        Connector: Round 8-pin 5/8" (14.7mm)
        Weight: 13lbs (5.90kgs)


        Nominal Voltage: 36v
        Nominal Capacity: (depends on choice - 9 - 20ah)
        Battery Energy: (depends on choice - 378 - 480 wh)
        Dimensions: (depends on choice)
        Total Weight: <= (depends on choice)
        Cell Assembly: 18650-3.6v-10S
        Life Cycles: >=80% Dod = 500 cycles
        Max. Continuous Discharge: 22.5A
        BMS Protection Current: 30A
        Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 30v
        Max. Charge Voltage: 42v
        Inner Resistance: < 130mΩ
        Charge Time: <= 3 hours
        Operation Temperature Range: Charge: 0’C---45’C / Discharge: -20’C---60’C
        Storage Temperature: 0’C---40’C (Extended Storage: 15’C-25’C;)
        Battery Box Material: (depends on choice - aluminum or vinyl w/ canvas bag)
        Assembled Pack Certificates: UL; UN38.3; MSDS; RoHS; SGS
        Limited Warranty: 1 Year
        Manufacturer: Electric Bike Technologies

        UN 38.3 Certified E-Bike Battery



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