Electric Fat Trike VS. Addmotor Motan Electric Trike

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Though the “addmotor motan” is a similar upright fat trike similar to our “Fat Trike,” the important difference is in the details, which are very significant.

1) assembly:  

Electric bike tech:

trikes are assembled, test ridden, and quality checked here in our warehouse by experienced bicycle mechanics. When we box the trike for shipping, we only turn the handlebars down (using the tool-free adjustable stem) to help it fit in the box. You can turn them back up and be ready to ride without any tools required, and it takes 2 minutes on video:


it appears they ship their trike partially disassembled, it looks like you will need to do a number of things to assemble it, but they don’t include directions, a video, or tools to do it? But it looks like the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, seat, and any accessories will need to be installed: Please see the screenshot from the website below:


2) service:

Electric Bike Technologies

we have been in business for 10 years, we stand behind our product and offer support. When you call us, you get real people here in Pennsylvania who know our product and can help you. You don’t get bounced over to a call center. We offer a 1 year warranty.

See our warranty: https://www.electrictrike.com/pages/terms-and-conditions#answer2


It is not clear how long they have been in business, and their warranty page does not state any specifics at all.

It does however feature some really poor translations – for instance:

Marvelous Delivery

We have a strong tie with the well-fame logistics like Fedex, DHL,UPS,EMS which ensure you to have a fast and professional service. We use high quality packing box to protect your products well during the delivery.

Addmotor warranty: https://www.addmotor.com/art/our-guarantee.html


3) construction:

                Electric Bike Technologies:

Our trike features construction details not found elsewhere, like an extra-heavy-duty welded axle connection.

4) Motor:

Electric Bike Technologies:

We use an upgraded 750w Bafang Fatbike Motor, not the 500w found on the Addmotor trike. When paired with our system, it delivers 960 watts of peak power


5) Electric system:

Electric Bike Technologies:

Our Fat Trike system uses our proven E-BikeKit system, which features a large easy to read display, reliable connectors, pedal assist sensor, and years of design and development. We use locking parking brake levers so you can park your trike without it rolling away




                A smaller screen, lower quality components. No parking brake.



6) Accessories:

Electric Bike Technologies:

Our trike comes with a bell, reflectors, and a multi-tool.

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